Basil & Venus
Basil and Venus enjoying the day with a little therapy work ❤️❤️❤️ Neither dog is for sale. Please call if interested in dog training services.

Basil and Venus enjoying the day with a little therapy work❤️❤️❤️Neither dog is for sale !!!!!

Bruno Von Miller  ❤️
Just hanging out as usual !!!
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Bruno Von Miller, just hanging out as usual !!!

Sable male for sale !!!
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puppy for sale

Bruno Von Miller enjoying the day today !!! ❤️
Not For Sale !!!!
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Bruno Von Miller

Did I Mention We Have Puppies!
Born 11/18/2019, 2 black males, 1sable male, 2 black females, 1sable female Parents Drago and Mia
This is a top litter Dam is imported and sire is from imported parents.
We will be keeping pic sable female ❤️❤️❤️ If your interested go to our web sight and fill out our adoption form and we will contact you !!!!!


One of our handsome 6 week old pups ❤️
Parents / Mia and Drago ❤️. Check out our puppies!
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Jan 2nd-One Of Our Handsome 6 week old pups 1-2-20

2020 Porsche 992 Bruno Security.
Bruno did a great job at the unveiling of the new 2020 Porsche 992 Carrera!!!


Four Week Board & Train with Max Von Miller German Shepherd
Follow us and Instagram or Facebook check out what Max will be doing through the week. Max will be with us for a 4 week board and train should be lots of fun! Nice high drive pup with great food drive my compliments to the Breeder and thank you Frank for trusting us with such a special boy ❤️. Check out our services!
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Girl Scouts Visiting Our Kennel!
It was a wonderful weekend having the Girl Scouts of America at or facility to learn about service dogs and working dogs to earn their Animal Helpers badge.
Congratulations to all and a special thanks to Paige and Liz for helping to organize this fun event 😀
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Board & Train Available
We specialize in dog training, and boarding here on site. We encourage families to visit during the stay to learn to connect with their furry family. All breeds welcome, large breeds stay in our facility while our medium to small size dogs tend to stay in-house. Our full-time staff is carefully trained to provide your dog with an enjoyable experience. Check out our services!
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Qualified Participants Only, Submit Your Letter!
At North Shore K-9 Services we enjoy giving back especially to people that really needs that something special in their life when nothing else can make them happy from depression to other disorders. We will be donating one of our female sable pups that has been evaluated and will fill a variety of special needs to Someone we feel that deserves and has been diagnosed with a disorder. You must have a prescription from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist in the Midwest and tell us why you feel this should be you?
2 or 3 sentences will be ignored !!! We look forward to reading your letters and we will post a picture of the lucky recipient and dog when all is done. Thank you to everyone that has supported us over the years <3
Send Information Via Email:
Facebook messenger: @vonmillerkennels


Social Media Dog Breeder Rant
Dog breeds were developed for a purpose. Depending on what you are going to do with a dog will determine what specific breed of dog you will want. In German Shepherds there are all kinds of different purpose dogs. If you want a protection dog, you will want one that will easily live and interact among the people in your life. If you want a sport dog, you are interested in a high drive intense dog. There are both kinds in every GS segment, ie Czech,DDR, American etc. Can they do both, yes sometimes, but it takes a knowledge of specific bloodlines and a large amount of training to make one of these. It disturbs me when people expect all these qualities to be packed in a puppy and think all they have to do is feed them and wait for it to materialize. Environment contributes the largest portion of who a dog is and what he will become. To blankly say that all Czech dogs are high drive and intense or that all DDR dogs are low drive is ignorant and unfair. There are both kinds in each bloodline. To make it simple, all dogs will bite, given the right circumstance, some quicker than others yes, but past environment will determine that response more than bloodlines. World class working dogs aren’t born, they are made. It takes hundreds of hours of interaction and training to produce a world class dog. The ABILITY to learn and handle the pressure of such training is what is in the bloodlines. All bloodlines have such dogs. The breeder determines when he selects breeding crosses how much potential is going to be available in the progeny.


Grooming Now Available
We specialize in grooming German Shepherds specifically heavy coated dogs. Our full-time staff is carefully trained to provide your dog with an enjoyable experience. Check out our services!
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New German Shepherd Litter Soon to Come Due Early November.
Samuri has had a full blood line check, imported from the Czech Republic. Torica is 75% DDR & 25% Czech.
Check out our current litters!


German Shepherd Puppies 2 Males 4 Females
Sable in color super pigment and black sable and heavy bone structure with large heads. Available Puppies Click Here!

Congratulations Glock!
We are very proud of Glock for earning his BH!
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15 Week Plush Black Male Available
Black sable and heavy bone structure with large heads.
Check out our May litter!



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