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I just wanted to tell Jeffrey Miller how much I appreciate our talk about Von Miller’s obedience training for my puppy. I couldn’t seem to recommend him on facebook since I’ ve never gone to the facility and my email was unavailable for me to write in a testimonial.

He gave me such good advice and a few helpful hints and I wanted to let everyone to know how great he was to deal with – honest, upfront, accommodating
I do hope somehow my review gets on facebook.
Janet Jacobs

Our family decided to get

Our family decided to get a rottweiler puppy, with that decision also came the decision that we would send the pup off to training. This was important to us for many reasons, but our 2 young kids (3 & 9) as well as ourselves having control of this soon to be big guy was one of the top reasons!
We welcomed Titan to our family in Aug 2019, and immediately began researching various trainers. We were prepared to send Titan as far as we needed to for the right fit. To our surprise we found Jeff Miller who was just a 15min drive from us. We went to meet Jeff and had an instant comfort upon walking onto his property and meeting him.
You could instantly feel the true love he has for the dogs, and took so much time evaluating Titan to determine if he would be a great fit for Titan and vice-versa. Right there we just knew he and his team would be amazing!
A few weeks later space opened up and Titan was welcomed into his facility and stayed for about 6wks.
Jeff advised that I (the wife/Mom) would be the best family member to come in weekly to work one-on-one with Titan and himself. He explained I was the best fit because Titan would be with me the most and he needed to see me as a leader.
2-3wks into training I began going to Jeff’s facility 1-3 times per week to work with him, observe them, and learn everything I needed to know so that we could apply the training at home.
The time Jeff puts into not only your dog, but you as the human is incredible. He is one of a kind!
Training was amazing, and we continue to work hard at home implementing all Titan was taught. We have an awesome dog who just turned a year that we can walk around the block with no pulling. He stays by our side, lays down when a dog walks past without even one bark.
Jeff is always checking in with us, and is always a phone call away for any question or thought that comes up.
The price you pay is beyond worth not only the initial training, but the life-long support you will get from Jeff!

Harvey & Katie Jones

Jeff and his team are

Jeff and his team are remarkable. They have my 1 year old adopted shepard and have done absolute wonders with her. I visited her today for the first time in two weeks and she is like a completely different companion in an awesome way.

Jeff as a very calm and has a great method approach to training which agrees with me and my baby Kona. We are half way through her training and I could not be more happy and impressed. Top notch all the way – and I expected a lot!!!!

Jeff is killing it and i could not be more pleased = check his site, call him , email him ………..you will not regret.

Bill and Jill from northern suburbs

Bill G

Jeffrey Miller is the best

Jeffrey Miller is the best dog trainer that I have ever met. I adopted my doberman back in November, he was 18 months old, and he was a handful. I found Jeffrey’s website and saw that he was very familiar with dobermans and he also breeds them. By speaking with him several times, I got a strong feeling that he knew what he was talking about regarding training.

I brought my dog Rex to him for a 6-week board and train. I must admit I was quite nervous at first and I really didn’t want to leave my dog with him for that length of time. However, every time I went to see Rex at Jeffrey’s training facility, I could see that Rex really loved Jeffrey and that he was well taken care of ❤.

I am so thankful to Jeffrey for training my dog and being so patient with me throughout the training process. He has even been to my home to help me with certain issues. Rex and I consider Jeffrey as a dear friend now and I know that I can always call him with any questions or concerns I may have. His lovely wife is just delightful.

If you are looking for a dog trainer, look no further, call Jeffrey. You will not be disappointed.

Pamela Graf

Jeff working with Lima

Jeff took in our Lima, who was 4 months at the time, for a 4 week obedience training. This was our first German Shepard and we had no clue what we were doing. Jeff’s knowledge and experience put our minds at ease. What he does is incredible and we will forever be greatful for how much he’s taught us and Lima. You can definitely see his passion for what he does and we’re so impressed with how much our pup Lima has come. He will not disappoint!

Mary & Jose

First Impressions

I had the initial pleasure of meeting Jeff over the phone after submitting an application. Jeff spent hours further educating me on various breeds and explained the exquisite care he took in breeding and raising his litters. He took his time to understand that I not only was searching for a Shepherd, but also a companion and needed to feel a sense of protection after recently losing my spouse. We arranged a time to visit and meet a few potential dogs that could be appropriate. I felt incredibly welcomed by Jeff and his wife upon meeting, and it was an immediate bond with Moses. He was a remarkable pup on our 5+ hour drive home, immediately picked up on crate training our first night, and potty training within 48 hours. Moses continues to impress me daily with his sweet disposition, confidence, intelligence and drive. While he’s only been at my side for 3 weeks, and I could not imagine my life without him. Thank you immensely, Jeff, for bringing Moses into my life. He is an exceptional puppy that gets constant remarks on his stature, appearance and personality. I am looking forward to watching him grow and continue to excel. If you ware in pursuit of a dog, or looking to take your dog from a good dog to great dog through training, Jeff is hands down the best breeder, trainer and source of information in the industry. Thank you again! Moses and I will be back to visit.

Taleen Najarian

Recent purchase of a puppy

We recently purchased a puppy from Jeff. We could not be happier. Lucky has been so easy to train . He adapted well to his new home . We were so surprised at how easy it was to potty train him . He listens so well. He really is just a bundle of joy to our family. Jeff and his wife are so personable and helpful when or if we have any questions Jeff is very quick to respond and help us out . We could not be more satisfied with Vonmiller kennel We highly recommend this place .

The Giacobbe’s

Absolute Most Amazing Experience

I had the absolute most amazing experience and the whole family is completely over the moon with our new family member Honey. 🤎🐕‍🦺🤎 It took her basically no time to get adjusted to our home instantly! We can’t see ourselves without her. Jeff and his wife are absolutely amazing! I highly recommend this establishment you will not regret it !



You and your wife raised the most amazing pup ever.

You and your wife raised the most amazing pup ever. She has enjoyed the yard and walked around the house as if she has been here forever. We are stunned at how adjusted she is. Our first night home she slept through the night, clean crate in the morning. Jaylon is making puppy hood easy.

Timothy & Pamela

I am really happy with Bella Von Miller

I am really happy with Bella she is very well behaved very loving wants be with me all the time and she is great with other dogs. Learning commands very well she is a part of my family I love her thanks for all the help

Rick Williams

This is Xaiser (born 05/30/2018)

This is Xaiser (born 05/30/2018) at 5 months old, as a first time dog owner I can say I was extremely lucky to find Jeffrey Miller via his website. What a great place to find the right dog, with someone as professional and knowledgeable as Jeff Miller….After searching for a long time to find the right pup/dog, I was near giving up, until coming across Von Miller Kennels. Where to start…When it comes to finding a German Shepherd, there is absolutely no where else that comes even close to the German Shepherds you get at Von Millers ( Iv tried about every other breeder & kennel you can find in the area ) . First, the dogs are phenomenal. They’re beautiful, healthy, well trained / obedient , and have a proven history of having great temperaments ( the MOST important along with health). And besides all this, Jeff Miller is there in every stage to offer his valuable expertise and advice. As a first time dog owner, Jeff gave me the honest run down and what it takes to own a dog, what to expect, what you NEED to know before making such a decision, I had to explain to Jeff how and why I was ready for a dog before he agreed to give me a pup, he is not your typical breeder who is hunting you down to make a sale. This means a lot. From even the time before I got Xaiser, to my first few months, to today, I can ask Jeff any question, or for advice and guidance about Xaiser and he is more than willing to answer them and help me out. This shows me I got my pup from someone who sincerely cares about Xaiser and I. In conclusion, I could not have made a better decision, thanks Jeff and keep up the wonderful work you do!

Daniel Maloul

Nitris is such a sweet

Nitris is such a sweet girl! We got her from Jeff at 5 years old and people always comment on how well-behaved she is. She is the perfect family dog- great with kids and loves to snuggle but also has a big voice when you need it. I’ve never had a Dobie before, but now it’s hard to imagine having any other kind of dog. Thank you, Jeff!

Sarah Klevorn

Searching throughout the U.S.

I searched literally throughout the U.S. (and yes, even some European sites!) hoping to find a special dog. I lost my (very) beloved service dog quite suddenly over a month ago and his passing left me and my remaining dog devastated. I was looking for a dog that could be a companion for my remaining dog who has some serious confidence and fear aggression behaviors. She is not a dog who is ‘dog friendly’ either. This dog had to also learn to be my service dog as well. The dog I lost was that once-in-a-lifetime dog! My best friend, my great protector, confidante, his loss shattered my heart so I didn’t want to just get a dog, I wanted to get THEE dog.
I came upon Jeffrey’s website and saw a dog who immediately got my attention with his beauty and that something special spark in his eyes. I arranged to meet with Jeffrey and the dog a couple of days later and found the facilities very clean with expertly laid out equipment and devices for the training dogs in quite a variety of skill sets. He explained to me his philosophy of matching the right dog to the person(s), not just letting them select any dog by say looks. They get the RIGHT dog for them. I then got to meet the dog that I was interested in and WOW! This dog was something special! The dog was an adult, already very well behaved, energetic, enthusiastic and very social (and, to my delight, very affectionate!). Clearly he was very healthy and clean too.
I fell in love with the dog almost immediately! I couldn’t just buy him though because of my King Shepherd back home. She is a tough cookie who doesn’t really seek out other dogs for play or socialization. She had to love him too! Jeffrey suggested bringing her with me the next day and let’s see how she is with him. I admit, I was extremely nervous about it. She is 114lbs, very muscular and VERY stubborn in her ways. Jeffrey was phenomenal! He initially took my girl and spent a little time alone with her, that alone I never thought she would allow anyone to do with her. Within a half an hour, to my astonishment, she was allowing Jeffrey to pet her. OK, even if I can’t get the dog I want, she is coming back for training herself!
We introduced the dogs via a short walk, then putting them in a large fenced pen. They got along! The dog that I had hoped could join my family, the dog that worked his magic on me, was now working his magic on her! She didn’t play with him, but she had no aggression at all towards him! This new dog had that something special I had searched so hard for. He is so adaptive, so intelligent, so willing! He was THEE dog! To my delight, Jeffrey thought so too.
I have had my new boy for almost a week now and he has been amazing in all respects. He is eager to do anything you ask of him, he learns incredibly fast and, to my personal delight, he is so affectionate and sweet! I absolutely love him and am so glad I found him!
Going forward, we will be starting training with both dogs in another week or so. My King Shepherd will benefit greatly from Jeffrey’s skills and I am really looking forward to her being a more confident, happy dog for it.
My new boy, who I renamed Bear (his original name was too similar to my King Shepherd’s name) will excel at his training with Jeffrey too as Jeffrey has a way with dogs I have rarely seen with other trainers. I have had several shepherds in my life and have gone to many different trainers over the years. I put Jeffrey on the top of the list as far as professionalism, dog training skills, canine behavior knowledge, canine diet and health knowledge and that special intuition in identifying what a dog, and it’s person, needs to make a better life for them both. I know he does a lot of police and military dog training, but he also does the kind of training I need–service/mobility dog, companion dog, PTSD dog, and dog behavior issues (like with my King Shepherd), etc. I consider myself extremely fortunate for finding him and look forward to the future training BOTH of my dogs with him!–Char Gordon

Char Gordon, Island Lake, IL

Training now, puppy soon.

Have not gotten a puppy from Jeff yet but do plan on a future one. Have been working on training my dog with Jeff and he is always very patient and fair with the dogs which is so important. Very knowledgeable on all methods. Recommend!


After the training with Jeff…

After the training with Jeff, my dog became a lot more obedient, she leaned new tricks, and completely stopped paying attention and barking at the other dogs that are passing by, my dog changed, and she changed for good. Highly recommend to go through with Jeff’s training. After the training with Jeff, my dog passed Canine Good Citizen exam, and got a certificate from them

Lena Krolevets

8 years and still boarding…

When we got our Shitzu bichon puppy from a breeder, we were worried where she would go when we were out of town. The breeder highly recommended Jeff Miller. Our dog, Bella has been staying over at Jeff’s for 8 years. We never worry when we drop Bella off at Jeff’s. He treats her like his own dog. We highly recommend Jeff Miller for boarding!!!!!!!

The Reillys

Jeff is fabulous with training!

Jeff is fabulous with training! He has trained two of my chowchow and did a great job in a short period of time. He continues to be supportive with great advice and compassion to a fellow dog lover. If you are looking for someone to train your dog no matter what breed or age he is fantastic and hands on with support. He also has gorgeous German Shepard puppies! You will not be disappointed with his training.

Cher channic

In a word….meticulous!!!

In a word….meticulous!!! A picture is worth a 1000 words…just look at his facility pictures as it captures how he runs his business. I became close to Jeff as we got our puppy from him about a year ago. The facility depicts every phase of his operation..just super impressed how he is with all phases of his business. I cannot recommend anyone higher than Jeff…he is truly top shelf!

Lloyd Wolf

Jeff’s knowledge…

Jeff’s knowledge about these dogs can be intimidating, but the passion he puts forth to bringing the finest examples is very inspiring. My wife & I spent a Saturday afternoon visiting Von Miller Kennels, and we were immediately impressed. You cannot help but feel that each canine represents the accumulation of his life’s work. To know that some of his past litters have gone to fill professional capacities, and IPO competition is definitely great. But more than that, and with Jeff’s guidance, we’re so looking forward to bringing home a new family member.

Jon P.

No other person I would trust

There is no other person I would trust more to handle my dog then Jeff.
I got Brutus, beautiful, healthy, red doberman puppy as birthday present. It was 8 years ago.
Brutus developed to be the most handsome, slim, muscular, top of the line doberman.
Together with Brutus my relationship with Jeff was growing as well, with training, handling, or just casual boarding.
Jeff was and always is the first and best source of information and advice, from handling to health, and it is always for the best benefit of Brutus.
I would never buy any dog from any other place, or will never entrust anyone else more then I entrust Jeff. He is the most dedicated and knowledgeable person when it comes to dogs.

Christopher Matysek

I got the exact dog I wanted

I reached out to Jeff for a Dutch Shepherd.
After lots of phone conversations, a few meetings at his kennel, I got the exact dog I wanted, and I mean exact – from temperament to color I couldn’t have asked for more.
Jeff was extremely particular and brutally honest throughout the entire process. It may seem like overkill, but Jeff is not only looking out for you, but more importantly being a responsible and reliable breeder.
Hands down reach out to Jeff!

Michael Donovan

If you are looking..

If you are looking for a top German Shepherd or Doberman he breeds the best I have two dogs from him his kennels are spotless and he takes care of the dogs like they’re his kids . And if  you’re looking for protection dog he trains the best dogs for the work or a Family companion and I highly recommend him.

David Caplan

Recent dog training

I’ve recently had my dog at Von Miler Kennels for obedience training. She was a good dog but a handful. After a month with Jeff she is completely different. I was coming over twice a week to work with Raven under Jeff’s eye, getting pointers on how to react and understand dogs behavior. He really knows what he’s doing. He knows how to get them involved in all activities to the point when dogs are eager to perform all requested tasks. You can tell right away that dog’s health and well being are priorities here.
I recommend Jeff to everyone that has problems with their four legged friend!
Good job and Thank you!


Dog Training

Jeffrey Miller is a wonderful dog trainer   He places the welfare of each dog in his care, as his priority. He tailors the instruction to best fit the dog’s personality. He is fair and consistent and uses a positive reward system to motivate the dog. The facilities are clean and safe. – Kenilworth, IL

g. e. g.

Puppy Purchase

I recently bought a puppy from Jeff.

I couldn’t be happier with the puppy I received and the support Jeff provided. My puppy had some trouble adjusting to her new home. I called Jeff and he helped me through the process. He even allowed me to bring my puppy back for some training and socialization. His knowledge of the breed (and dogs in general) is top notch. I have two young kids so I was a bit concerned about finding a puppy that would fit into my home. I talked to multiple breeders, and after talking to Jeff I was sold. He invited me to see his puppies and made a recommendation based on my lifestyle of which one would be the best fit. He was right on the money. He really goes the extra mile to make sure all of his customers are happy and his puppies are in great health. If you’re looking to get a puppy, give Jeff a call. He breeds top quality dogs, has an amazing operation, and goes above and beyond to make sure all goes well. I can’t say enough good things about him. Facebook‎

Jerry Tohtz‎

Niklaus Von Miller

Niklaus von Miller, he’s growing fast, learned the crate, sit, and down command pretty quickly. Does well in the house with still no accidents to date. We love this handsome pup! Can’t wait to do some further training with him. Been working a lot since we got him, but after tonight’s shift I will have a week at home with him. Thanks for such an awesome dog. – Facebook‎

Karensa S. Renouf-Foraker‎

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